• Josh Hale

Random Reflection of 2020

As I sit here thinking, "wow we are already in the second week of 2021." Last week was our first week back to work and all we kept hearing is how everyone is so glad to have 2020 behind us, while I can't help but to agree I have to think there are still a lot of things to be grateful for.

2020 was full of hard times but also happy times, if we always focused on the hard times we would dilute the happy times we had and that is no a way to walk through life. We closed Lone Star in the beginning of the pandemic for six weeks, zero income and not sure what we were going to do. Luckily we had some savings and were able to file for some assistance and our crew was able to file for assistance as well. Our restaurant sales are down by about 35% (which is honestly better than most restaurants, so we are thankful.) Our catering sales for 2020 have dropped by 50%. To save on money, we are only open about half the week because it cost too much to operate too many days. We are trying to follow guidelines to keep our customers, our crew and ourselves safe while also trying to follow the rules that change on a daily basis is a challenge in itself.

See, all this whining you have probably already stopped reading, lol. We have decided to look at the positive!!!

At the beginning of the pandemic we were closed for six weeks, this gave us and the whole world time to slow down and see what was really important in life. Scott welcomed a baby boy in June and also got married this year. I started renovating my house which is something I am crazy passionate about and neither of us would have had time to enjoy this had we not had the TIME. We have learned TIME is something we have really started to cherish. Restaurant sales are down but we still have a restaurant that has sales, WOW. That is a miracle, people still want to eat with us even during a pandemic. Sales may be down but guess what we are still in business!! Same with the caterings, I know we did a catering this year that was supposed to be 150 guest and their guest count went down to 15, yes 10% of their original guest count... talk about an intimate wedding!!! We are only working four days a week and I think more people need to adopt this.. This has given me personally a new view on life. Used to my life was working, no socializing just work. I think in my older years (33 next month) I have decided that I am going to do more of what I enjoy to do. I enjoy cooking and joking around with people who come to our restaurant and hear the stories of how they visited Lone Star 20, 30 and 40 years ago, I enjoy time with friends and family and I enjoy renovating houses and dang it we are going to just enjoy our time and choose to be happy.

I know this post isn't really restaurant or Lone Star related but I think it is something that everyone can relate to. I know for us 2020 had some challenges and for others they had even more challenges. I hope that everyone could take a second to reflect on 2020 and see something good and positive that came from it and erase the negative. Don't let the negative dilute your positive. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading.

-Josh Hale-

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