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Eight years strong!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Today, September 1,2020 marks eight years since Scott and I took over the ownership of Lone Star Tavern and Steakhouse. I posted in my last blog where it all started but I didn't put where we are now. It is eight years later and we are still trucking along, the best we know how.

Through the years we have learned many many things about the business side of things, like TAXES and more TAXES. I honestly think at times we pay taxes on taxes lol. I personally have a love/hate relationship with Quickbooks haha.

I have been asked a lot throughout the years how Scott and I have remained friends and business partners. You see a lot of people who go into business with one another and lose their friendships and their business fails. I always tell people that we both have the same goals in mind, we respect the heck out of one another, we always have each other's back and the most important part I am a control freak and he lets me be, LOL. I am not saying we don't get on each other's nerves because at times we do, I probably get on his nerves more because I never shut up and I always have projects I want to rope him into. None of which ever stopped us from wanting to grow as business owners and human beings.

In the past eight years we have catered many many weddings, being a huge part in many life changing moments for a lot of people is AWESOME for us. We have hosted many birthday, anniversary, retirement and baby shower parties at the restaurants. Being a place where family can come together and celebrate all of their life events is something that we have always wanted to be a part of and with Lone Star we have been able to do it.

What has changed in our personal lives??? Our hair, a lot of gray hair! (mainly for Scott) I still look 24 like I did the day we took over. haha just kidding. Seriously though, a lot has changed in eight years. Scott became a dad this year and is engaged to be married, we have both been working on learning what a work/life balance means and we are always looking for new adventures in the future. As for me, no not engaged and I'm only a dad to a furry, four legged child, Tina. In the past eight years I have bought and remodeled many houses on the side like a generic Chip Gaines... (way less money and fame though haha).

Needless to say we have changed personally and the business these past eight years. We have given the building a couple face lifts, added items to the menu, become a little more tech savvy with online ordering and new websites, built our catering business to be one of the top catering companies in Waco and have remained friends/brothers through it all. We have built friendships with customers and crew that will go on forever. Owning restaurant is a never ending project, from marketing, repairs, updating the look, new promotions, paperwork etc. Even though it is a lot of work, I wouldn't change anything about these past eight years and we look forward to see where the next take us.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being with us these past eight years.


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