Where it all began

     Lone Star Tavern and Steakhouse was originally opened in 1962 by Charlie and Irene Mueller as strictly a bar and tavern until Charlie noticed all his patrons starting to leave once they got hungry. That is when Charlie and Irene decided to start serving steaks.

Charlie had a background in cooking during his time in the navy and was in the cattle business it was a no-brainer to add steaks to the already popular tavern. To this day we are still using recipes that were started in 1962 but have also added some new menu items and keep adding every year.

     In the early 70's the booming Lone Star Tavern and Steakhouse burned to the ground. Customers still come in with stories about Irene standing out front looking at nothing but ashes. The original building was simply a small house that you had to duck when you came in the front door, saw dust floors and pool table that eventually were swapped out for dining tables. 

    The current building that stands is the building that was built in 1972 to replace the old original Lone Star. Once Irene and Charlie decided to get out of the business they sold the steakhouse to Ida Buck who opened one on Sanger and Franklin Ave. After a few years of success she decided she was ready to get out of the tough restaurant business and sold it back to Charlie and Irene and closed the other locations on Sanger and Franklin. Charlie and Irene took Lone Star back over and in 1985 sold it Bobby and Rene Uptmor who owned and operated it for 27 years until 2012 when they decided to retire and sell the historic steakhouse to Josh Hale and Scott Studer.

     Josh and Scott have a background in the restaurant and catering business. They have worked at many restaurants, hotels and catering companies around the Waco area before buying Lone Star. The guys were in the process of expanding their catering company and were trying to open a small quick service style restaurant in Downtown Waco but things just were not working out for them. By the grace of God they met the Uptmors and truly began to understand that everything happens for a reason.

     When purchasing Lone Star Tavern and Steakhouse the guys made many changes, they updated the interior with a fresh coat of paint, opened the front porch to make it more welcoming and the biggest change is they made the entire restaurant non-smoking. (you heard me right, NON-SMOKING). Although Josh and Scott have added many new menu items to appeal to anyone and everyone in the family Lone Star Tavern and Steakhouse is still holding on to tradition with the paper menus that the guest fill out themselves and same cooking style and recipes for their steaks. The guys have implemented their Custom Catering as another service at Lone Star Tavern and Steakhouse, catering any size event such as Weddings, Business Luncheons and Private Parties.

     If you have never been to Lone Star Tavern and Steakhouse or it has been a while since you have visited, come on out, we look forward to seeing you!

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